About Simon Hunt

Simon began performing in bands as a drummer at age 16. Ten years ago Simon was inspired by electronic dance music (EDM) and began developing his unique mixture of DJ-ing and drumming, and now performs as SiFi.

Simon has had an extraordinary career in emergency management over the last 25 years. He has spent time rappelling out of helicopters into forest fires, as a national park ranger, and a mountain search and rescue leader. More recently he has worked as a city emergency program coordinator, a forest fire specialist for the provincial and federal governments, and performed a senior role in emergency coordination during the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Simon is also an incident command system instructor, the standardized system utilized across Canada to manage emergencies, working as an emergency management consultant with the government and private sector since 2013.

His two worlds collided in 2017 when he helped guide Shambhala Music Festival through an emergency crisis. The experience had such an impact on Simon, he chose to join their public safety team. Simon currently oversees a team of over a 1,000 staff and volunteers as the public safety coordinator for the festival. Since 2018 he has had a part in developing world-pioneering festival safety programs such as harm reduction and mass-gathering medicine.